Ok, so what’s next?

Since the majority of the work on the excel version of the batch scheduler is now complete, I find myself wondering what to work on next. I could absolutely press on with a stand-alone executable version – but I like to mix things up a bit, keep them from getting stale.
The obvious downside to that is by the time I revisit the excel code I’ll have forgotten how it works. But then, that is precisely why this site exists – to document the content of my brain.

I’m a little busy right now with sorting out some test data for a mobile application, but I feel like working on something web-based. I’ll make my mind up in a day or so but I have a feeling it’ll be the results database and comparison engine. Which clearly needs a better name. Although like my usual naming convention – it is what it says it is.

As I see it, there are a number of elements to any test result database even before you add comparison capabilities. You need a pre-test form into which go all the usual run time settings, purpose of test, time and date, Environment in use, etc.
You need a test result form into which the results can be uploaded, and that may need to house all of the analysis files from LR, and the HTML report. To keep the size down, I’d like to upload both as compressed files. No idea how to do that yet.
It should also contain any tester-observations from the execution.
So we have at least 2 tables so far.

I’m going to spend a bit more time thinking on this…

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