Loadrunner Batch Scheduler – Excel Version #3

I’ll be honest, I’m surprised at how quickly this has come together. I didn’t even know if I could make it work when I began, and I’ve managed to fit it in with doing full time performance testing and living life as an international contractor.

It’s not “finished” but then nothing ever really is in AutomationSolutions-world. There is scope to extend beyond the 15 or 16 runs it currently caters for. I can make that ticker a bit less intrusive too I expect. But the fact is that it works… and it works rather well.

It’s not the prettiest spreadsheet in the world, and there are other features I’d like to add to allow for user configuration. But they’re my changes. You’re going to have to ask nicely for them. Or you can use v1.0, the basic scheduler. Which is provided here:


It’s taken a little over a week to build that and roll it out in Belgium, we’re using it this evening for the next cycle of tests. If there’s no update on this following that, you’d be safe to assume that it works as reliably as I think it does.

I hope it’s usage is fairly self-explanatory since I haven’t prepared any sort of documentation yet, and I’m not likely to unless someone screams.

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