Web-Based Testing Database #2

So I’ve done the obvious analysis of the performance testing process.

  1. 1. Pre-Test Criteria
  2. 2. Test Execution
  3. 3. Post-Test Results

Clearly that lends itself to a least one form for the run details and a second form for the post-run details.
I believe a single table might be the easiest approach – in any case a single primary key of run id will be used – it will be autoassigned within my database. I will also have a test timestamp and a test name but the run id will be the only key.

The Pre-Test information shall consist of, but not be limited to:

  • A test run id
  • A test timestamp
  • A test name
  • environment
  • scripts, run_time setting, vusers
  • test purpose

EDIT 23/07/2013 :
I’ve re-visited this list – today – I’m not sure how best to track the scripts included and the run time settings – it’s a pain to enter that stuff into a form by hand – ideally i’d steal it from the scenario details. Failing that I just won’t include that information directly

I’ve started work on a variety of pages and the database itself. I have a form that accepts some of the inputs mentioned above, I have a working script for uploading and unpacking a zip file. I have a page that will pull the results in a structured (tabular) format. That looks AWFUL in this particular wordpress template though.

I’ve basically been pressing on with learning PHP and how best to structure this into a single validated page. I’ll post all of the source code on here in the next few posts. Once I’ve sanitised them.

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