Loadrunner with Excel, DLLs and Exe’s, also a Little bit of test stubbing

So, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks trying in vain to make Loadrunner interact with OpenSSL.
I managed to get the DLL declared, and recognised and was able to turn 50% of the existing VBA code into operational C.
This took a long time because partly my knowledge of the process is not where it should be, but then I reached a point where the VBA passes a byte array as an input to a function.
My Loadrunner doesn’t recognise bytes, just about understands arrays and certainly wasn’t about to do this.

So… I figured well, it’s in excel anyway lets just have LR launch the excel process, grab the data it needs and get out again. TOO SLOW. As I knew it would be.

So now I’m rebuilding it as a standalone VB app. I have no idea if this will work, let alone if it will work quickly but I’m running out of ideas so here we are.

Ultimately, this is stage 2 of an interaction upon a webservice, whereby the user (actually the users phone) says HELLO, and then performs a LOGIN.

HELLO or MobileHello to give it the full name of the webservice is just a call to a server and an xml response. Loadrunner can fire the url at the server and read the response.
Bits of that response, session identifiers essentially, are reused in the LOGIN with encryption based upon public and private keys and certificates.

My task is to emulate MobileLogin following a successful HELLO, I’ve captured the values and now I need LR to fire against a VB executable with the parameters it has captured, perform the encryption and derive the next url. It then needs to fire against that url to exercise the server. I’ll make it work, but this has proven to be one of the more difficult tasks I’ve dealt with.

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