still procrastinating?

Actually no. I’m working out of Brussels, Belgium. And I’ve found my internet access outside office hours to be incredibly flaky. I’ll find a better hotel or buy a damn router myself if it continues like this.

I have so much to do and weirdly am being prevented from doing it by internet speeds beneath 56k modem equivalents. This is extremely annoying but add on the current hotels scheme whereby you may have ONLY one active connection.

As a techie, I have 2 smart-phones (1 UK, 1 Belgian Burner), A kindle, 2 Laptops and an iPod. (The sheer weight of chargers I waddle around with is ludicrous). One active connection is for Luddites. I’d kind of expect this kind of thing in a (let’s say) less technical nation, but Belgium is central europe, the home of the EU and Nato, hardly a country stuck in the dark ages.

Also, and this is merely by way of an excuse, they have beer. Lots of beer. So, I’ll be back, updating as and when, once my connection is sorted. I do have a deliverable created. And some loadrunner tricks to update – one of my Belgian projects is to recreate a visual basic program in C. Lots of string manipulations. Ultimately it failed, as Loadrunner won’t create the byte array OpenSSL needs as an input. I may be able to fix that with a header file or I may go a different route. That’s Mondays job.

Oh, yeah, the deliverable is a data-generator which reads/ writes a dat file for a loadrunner script.

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