First Steps with WATIR

Watir is an open-source ruby-based browser automation tool. I first looked at it 6 months ago but with a new loadrunner role to involve myself with, I didn’t get far.

In any case, these are the steps I took to get started and to get things up and running.

  • 1. Install Ruby from I chose version 1.9.2 as the most current stable build (despite a warning stating that Watir didn’t work on 1.9.2… we’ll see about that).
  • 2. Following the instructions here on, I updated the rubygems and installed Watir. I left the firefox addin as it’s not compatible with the latest version and I was loathe to downgrade my main browser. I have IE and Chrome too so I figured if one of them would run, that would be sufficient.
  • 3. Picked up the watir-webdriver whilst I was at it. Documentation can be found here at the excellent watirMelon site. I just used this command in a dos prompt:

    gem install watir-webdriver

  • 4. I grabbed the chromedriver executable from here and dropped the executable in my ruby/bin/ folder as I know that’s in my path.
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